Revit BIM

Revit BIM

Our experienced professional Revit – BIM designers posses a wide array of Revit abilities. We can create Revit layouts / designs as well as Revit Families. Our Revit Families are fully parametric and are created in Native Revit. Many other Revit designers import from CAD: this may be more cost effective but they are not “real” Revit families. 

Our Revit projects include

Residential and Commercial

  • Floor Plans
  • Wall Sections
  • Elevations
  • House Plans
  • Floor Framing Layout
  • Comercial developments



  • Power and Communication Diagrams
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Lighting drawings
  • Furniture Layouts


Revit Families – BIM

  • Office furniture
  • K-12 furniture
  • Hospitality furniture
  • Senior living furniture
  • Residencial furniture
  • rvt1
  • rvt2
  • rvt3
  • rvt4
  • RVT7
  • RVT9
  • RVT12
  • RVT13